Note From The Pastor:


From the Pastors Desk:

     I am always on the lookout for a good book.  My guilty pleasure genre is science fiction and fantasy and the occasional procedural.  But I will give just about anything a try.  When it comes to non-fiction though, my tastes always tend towards the theological.  However, I am really picky about who I read, because I want to learn something or be challenged in my thinking about a topic - not given the literary equivalent of Ambien.

     A while back a pastor friend of mine recommended an author named Tomas Halik.  I had never heard of him, but I trusted my friend and purchased Halik's book “Night of the Confessor” without knowing anything other than the title and the author's name.  When the book arrived, I discovered that Tomas Halik is a Catholic priest from Czechoslovakia.  At that point, I was very tempted to judge the book by its cover and not waste my time.  Before the first chapter was through, however, I knew this author would help to reshape the way I look at the world and challenge my conceptions and force me to think in new and interesting ways.  Before I even finished “Night of the Confessor," I purchased two of his other books that had been translated into English and have not regretted it one bit. 

     Halik does not write like the theologians that you need a dictionary and caffeine pills to understand.  He writes to regular people who are seeking to               understand an infinitely complex God. 

     I share this with you for two reasons.  First, I cannot recommend his works enough.  If you are looking to read something a little different, please check him out; his books are all available on 

     Second, I would like to ask you a favor.  If you have a favorite author or a favorite book that has inspired you or encouraged you or helped you in your faith, please drop me an email or pass me a note or talk to me about it.  Like I said, I am always looking for a good book. 


Grace and peace, 

Pastor Mike